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George Mordaunt - Author

George Mordaunt - Motivational Speaker

George Mordaunt - Businessman

George Mordaunt- Key Opinion Leader

Published works

George Mordaunt produced his first published works in late 2011. Shepherds pie became a best seller nationally documenting with excruciating honesty a story of survival in Irish business during the financial crisis. A sequel was never planned however George has just released his second book, which is a natural follow up to Shepards Pie. Back in the driving seat has just been launched which is a story about creating your own recovery. This story is written to the backdrop of continued financial distress in Ireland.

Media Contributor
Across multiple media

George has been a consistent media contributor over the last two years. His views and comments are regularly shared across a wide range of media including numerous appearances on Newstalk, RTE Radio 1 as well as making very frequent appearances on programmes such as Prime Time and The Frontline. George regularly writes opinion pieces for press media often commenting on a wide range of issues including bank debt, debt resolution, the Irish motor industry, retail and creativity in business. The story of George’s failures and success has been covered by the international press including the BBC, The New York Times, Bloomberg and The Herald Tribune.

Motivational Speaker
Passion effecting change

Public speaking and debating is one of George’s passions. Many observers have commented on his presentation style, and in particular his bluntness and honesty. All presentations are unscripted but are generated from actual life experiences. In the last number of months George has made presentations throughout Ireland, the UK and even as far as Turkey. George speaks on a wide range of topics, which includes SME, creativity in business, business recovery, the banks and the challenges they create as well as many other topics. Bookings for George can be made through Speaking Solutions on (01) 6190243.